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Saturday, July 5th, 18.00

Mike Andersen - guitar, vocals
Mads "Tiny" Andersen - drums
Dave Stevens - upright & electric bass
Mike Andersen BandClaus Sand - piano and organ
Morten Elbek - sax
Rasmus Boegelund - trumpet


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Mike Andersen Band..


Passionate, Powerful, Soulful Rhythm & Blues
25 year old singer and guitarist Mike Andersen and his band have come a long way in the 2½ years they have existed, and, if the critics are to be believed, their success has been fully deserved. After a couple of years of both club gigs and major festivals in several countries, and a long list of rave reviews, Mike decided it was time to go into the studio.

Mike AndersenIn order to capture the sound and, not least, the atmosphere of the band`s wide ranging repertoire on tape, they flew in Steve Savage from California, an engineer who has been responsible for three of Robert Cray`s classic recordings and much more, and as Otis Grand writes in the sleeve notes to the new CD:
"On this debut-album, Mike Andersen goes the whole nine yards with six originals and four cover versions of R&B and soul classics by untouchable vocal supremos like Bobby Bland, Little Milton etc. I mean, you really gotta have big balls if you hope to do justice to tunes already sanctified by the Almighty masters …and Mike Andersen has them!!! This CD is a witness to it."
Once completed, the result was snapped up by blues specialists Black & Tan Records and released worldwide in October 2002, under the title "My Love For The Blues".

Live, Mike Andersen Band is a classic 6-piece band with 2 horns. This versatile line-up is perfect to showcase the band`s style which is a mix of classic 1950`s Rhythm & Blues, raw urban blues from the 60`s and contemporary R&B, both originals and new arrangements of great R&B and soul numbers.

The band features some great, well respected musicians with a wealth of experience.
Mads "Tiny" Andersen - drums
Otis Grand`s drummer, based in the UK for a number of years, has taken the drum stool behind names such as Joe Louis Walker, Ike Turner, Kim Wilson, Steve Cropper etc.
Dave Stevens - upright & electric bass
Also did a long stint with Otis Grand and founding member of Paul Lamb & the King Snakes, has toured Europe and North America, and member of Ike Turner's European band.
Claus Sand - piano and Hammond
A regular fixture among the biggest names on the Danish scene.
Morten Elbek - sax
Has been with the band from day one, and has a long and impressive career to date.
Rasmus Boegelund - trumpet

Mike Andersen Band`s ambitions go way beyond the town of Aarhus and Denmark where the band is based, and if the current buzz among agents, fellow musicians and fans is anything to go by, there is a long and successful international career to look forward to.

"He is much more than an imitator...there is no doubt that he sets himself apart from the rest of the new breed of guitarists as a man consumed by the blues. Whether it was determination or an in-built sense, he managed to find a voice and a guitar style that are uniquely his own. He shows that he had many influences from Johnny 'Guitar' Watson to BB King, but in the end, what you listen to is pure Mike Andersen."
Otis Grand -sleeve notes to "My Love For The Blues"



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