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Friday, July 4th, 20.15
Bo Weavil
Boogie Matt "Arrow" - guitar, harp, vocals
"Sleepy" Vince Talpaert - drums, double bass


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Bo Weavil *, a journey through Mississippi, at sources of Blues. A raw sound in the rural electrefied style of the 40's and 50's.
Hypnotic and bewitched boogies. Feverish Blues. Short and effective solos. A style resolutely on the fringe of the present Blues-Rock productions.
Bo Weavil have regularly been on tour on the European stage since 1993.

They had a debut album out on Lenox Records by the end of 1998. As you can notice after listening to it, their influances are mostly coming from the 50's. Artists like John Lee Hooker, Little Walter and Lightning Hopkins are their references, not to say idols.
That's why you will notice: a respect in their traditional way of playin'. If you like rough blues with a dusty 50's sound, this will be a band for you. They always enjoy to play as much as they love to travel.

Boogie Matt
Before all, a warm, deep and slightly rasping voice. An implacable rhythmic guitar. A sharp or listlessness harmonica.

Sleepy Vince
Minimalist drummer or unrivalled double bass player, his ardour sublimates the tempo of Bo Weavil.

* BO WEAVIL, BOLL WEAVIL, BOLL WEEVIL : Fly of cotton that overrun the south of the United States at the end the 19th century. It was the cause of bad harvests and led the migration of black population to the north. Prolific and resistant insect, the bo weavil is for the people of the blues, the symbol of pugnacity of the resistance to oppression and segregation. (Talkin' that talk J.P Levet)


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