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FR. 04.07.2003, 23.30 Sherman Robertson

Sherman Robertson - guitar, vocals
Bruce Bears - keyboards, organ
Dino Walcott - bass
Dave Jamrog - drums

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Sherman Robertson


Houston guitarist, Sherman Robertson, already considered a veteran of zydeco, Texas R&B and swampy blues is a spicy blend of the music he grew up on. His talents have not gone without notice, he did a track on Paul Simon's "Graceland" CD; he is one of the guitarists featured in the book, "The Story of the Fender Stratocaster." His first recording, "I'm the Man" (Atlantic 1994 ) was nominated for a Handy Award, and, of his new release, "Going Back Home"Living Blues said, "With this ("Going Back Home") release, Sherman Robertson deserves to have his name added to the short list of the finest musicians who play electric blues."

Covering classic blues as well as blues/rock, soul and R&B Sherman'sinfluences are clearly noted. From Freddie King to Sam Cooke, Sherman Robertson is most definetly "the new kid from the old school."

Sherman Robertson has performed at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Club in Paris, the New Orleans Jazz Festival, King Biscuit Blues Festival, Poconos Blues Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Chicago Blues Festival, opened for BB King, and Little Feat.



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