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Saturday, July 2nd, 18:00

Volker Strifler - guitar, vocals
Wolfy Ziegler - bass
Stefan Bollack - drums
Volker Kunschner - keyboards
Volker Strifler


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Volker Strifler. /www.bluerockit.com/albums/volker.shtml


Volker Strifler, one of northern California's most exciting new Guitar players and a member of the Ford Blues Band steps out on his own with this release on Blue Rock'It Records. Don't miss the chance to hear this one of a kind guitar player and singer demonstrate his skills and talents.

Through his songwriting and playing he has created an exciting and unique sound that ranges from being at times jazzy and sophisticated to hard edged and raw, while never betraying his blues roots. Volker is one of those rare talents who can play an authentic T Bone Walker or rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan and always sound real.

Growing up in his native Germany, Volker learned to play and appreciate the blues idiom by listening to hard to find American blues records. Wanting to experience the blues on a more personal level he made the move to the US where he could more readily see and study the blues creators as well as the modern blues inovators. To Volker it was all good.

Unlike some of his contemporaries who are satisfied imitating their idols, Volker is always exploring new avenues for his interpretation of this vital music. His respect for the originators is obvious in everything he does but so is his respect for the modern inovators like Robben Ford and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

While Volker has recorded and/or toured with many top modern blues artists like Robben Ford, The Ford Blues Band, Chris Cain, Michael Osborn, and Garth Webber, he has also spent his time working with, and learning from, blues legends like Lowell Fulson.

"Volker Strifler is a beautiful guitarist and a powerful singer. He is also a wonderful songwriter in the blues genre, which is an important contribution in keeping the blues vital. I'm sure after you hear this recording you will be a Volker Strifler fan. I know I am."
-Robben Ford

"Man, that guy can really play his box."
-Lowell Fulson

"Volker is the real deal. I love this guy."
Chris Cain


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