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Saturday, July 2nd, 21:30

Tutu JonesTutu
Jones - guitar, vocals
Bruce Bears - hammond b3 organ
Allen Kirk - drums
Felton Crews - bass


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Tutu Jones.. www.bluebirds.se


Tutu Jones was born and raised in South Dallas, Texas. From a very young age, he was totally submersed in the “Blues.” His father, Johnny B. Jones, an excellent guitar player and drummer, was a longtime friend and band-member of the legendary Freddie King. As a child, Tutu was constantly surrounded by blues luminaries such as Ernie Johnson, Little Joe Blue, and even Jones’ uncle L.C. Clark, was a fine guitar player in his own right. Tutu grew up steeped in in-house jam sessions of truly stellar quality. He was 4 ½ years old when he first began his musical career as a drummer. “Next thing I know, I’m playin’ drums in some club in Southeast Dallas,” says Tutu. Jones turned pro with R.L. Griffin, with whose band Tutu took on the road.

His life became a dizzying mélange of tours and Texas dates, hiring out as drummer for Z.Z. Hill, Al “TNT” Braggs, Ernie Johnson, and Little Joe Blue. One night, he was fooling with Joe Blue’s guitar backstage at a gig in the part of Dallas called Oak Cliff (turf to T-Bone Walker and more recently, the Vaughn Brothers). Joe Blue told him, if he could play guitar that well he should be fronting his own band. Not long after, Tutu started showing up at the myriad blues jams in the clubs in North Dallas. Joe Blue’s dvice had been good, and things started happening for Tutu Jones. His first CD “I’m For Real” was released for JSP in Europe in 1994. Tutu has gone on to record two additional world renowned albums since his 1994 debut. In 1996, “Blue Texas Soul” was released on Bullseye Blues followed by 1998’s “Staying Power."'

Tutu is more than the sum of his influences (though distinguished influences they are!) He is first and foremost an individualist, who puts a very personal stamp on every note that he plays and every syllable that he sings. You could call him the living personification of the sound of South Dallas, where Blues and Soul meet and are stronger for it.


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